Sunday, April 15, 2007

World Horror Convention 2007, Toronto

Two weeks ago, I went to my first WHC. It was fun. I love being around aspiring writers. In my full time job as a Financial System consultant I rarely encounter people who stretch their imagination beyond the spreadsheet. My editor, Chesya B., told me about it four weeks ago and I bought a ticket to fly there on a spur of the moment. The best thing I learned about it was how important it is to get your face out in the public if you're going to be a successful published writer. And the best thing about it, my Nigerian friend goes to school in Toronto, so I had a place to crash. Toronto is a great city, but to cold. The end of March and still cold as $%^&!
At the convention I got great ideas on how to prompt my book. I plan to make cards, post book covers and just get my face seen.

This is my first blog. Soon to be followed by other rants. :-)

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